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Look who came to visit!

We had the pleasure of the Getaway Crew coming to check us out to do a piece on Papaya Loco and of course our beautiful location Papaya Villa

Catriona is one of the most down to earth people you will ever meet… we spent some time shopping the Port Vila food markets and then some time in the Loco Kitchen making food, drinking Sangria and solving the world’s problems!

The crew doing it tough at our place!

Sadly the pandemic closed the borders not long after the shoot, but we have been busy building and adding to the property to make it even more beautiful for when you come. Stay tuned with each project on our Facebook Page . Don’t forget to follow us when you are there!

Getaway Lunch
Our Getaway Lunch

Here a pic of what we made. Fat Rice with lobsters from our own reef, traditional TULUK in the foreground which is Vanuatu’s answer to9 fab street food. The green beanny looking thing was a gourd that Catriona just had to buy when we were at the market so we could try…