Island Food

Island food in Vanuatu is typical of most Melanesian islands. Vanuatu food features core ingredients such as cassava, taro, banana, coconut, tropical fruits and nuts, pork, chicken, greens and seafood. The native people in Vanuatu usually grow most of their food except for things such as rice.

I have been fortunate enough to have been taught some traditional recipes by some of the Mamma’s in our local village of Eton. These include what I call Vanuatu’s ultimate street food – Tuluk and their favourite dish when entertaining – Simboro. Of course I have introduced some Portuguese spices and my own takes on these two dishes. At our classes I will usually prepare both the original and traditional versions so you can compare, and see first hand how I have stayed true to the traditional form of these dishes.

The bananas here are incredible and actually taste like banana. One of our guests favourite desserts is a simple pan fried plantain banana with cinnamon sugar and coconut cream. One of the nicest things you will eat!

Just let Marcus know when booking your class if you would like to make Island food.