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There’s a special feeling that comes with when you’ve discovered something unique and off the beaten path. For us it’s about shaking up the food scene and offering up something completely different. 

Loco Lunch Club

How it works

The Loco Lunch Club is an invitation only event. We are not open to the general public although if you are on the mail list you may bring a guest. The frequency of our lunch events is kept as a secret until we have one planned. Sometimes they will he held in the Papaya Villa Nakamal, sometimes on the beach and sometimes in the purpose built Loco Kitchen.

What’s on the menu

Marcus will send a menu for the upcoming Loco Lunch to everyone who is registered on the Loco Lunch Club mailing list. Usually it will depend on what’s available locally. If we have lobster in from our reef, then it will include lobster for example.

You can expect Marcus to prepare Caribbean, Macanese, Island or Spanish dishes. There is always a starter, a main and something sweet to finish.
Ohh you can bring your own wine!

Sometimes Marcus will prepare a range of small plates!

Sorry but my recipes are not Vegan or Gluten Free friendly….

How to score a seat

To get in on the experience, sign up for the mailing list and we will alert you when reservations open up for an event. Seats are limited and I promise I won’t spam you!